California Probate Forms

There are many different types of California probate forms because there are several different types of probate procedures. Keep in mind, however, that the simplicity of the Judicial Council probate forms can be deceiving. Unfortunately, the forms, as they are written, are not all-inclusive of what is needed by the court to file probate. For example, there are many different attachments and extraneous documents that a personal representative must prepare and attach to the Judicial Council forms in order to make them complete. In addition, the basic probate forms can be overwhelming. Furthermore, some aspects of the probate process do not use Judicial Council forms at all, but the documents are custom prepared on numbered pleading paper. However, if you are looking for California probate forms, or just want to generally see the type of information required, this article is a great place to start and will give you an overview and links to the most common forms used to file probate in California.

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