California Probate for Larger Estates2018-04-30T12:50:33-07:00

Probate Timeline for Large Estates!

This video explains the California Probate process for estates over $150,000

Low Flat Fee for Full California Probate


includes 1 real property, up to 5 heirs/beneficiaries and completion within 12 months.

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The Three Phases of California Probate

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Phase One - The Probate Petition and Letters

Phase One

  • Determine if there is a Will
  • Prepare and file Petition for Probate
  • Publication in Newspaper
  • Notice all Interested Parties
  • Review Probate Notes prior to Hearing
  • File Supplement, if necessary
  • Attend Probate Hearing
  • Obtain conformed copy of Order
  • Obtain certified copy of Letters
Phase Two - Inventory, Appraisal and Notices

Phase Two

  • Provide Notice to Creditors
  • Appoint Probate Referee
  • Notify County Assessor
  • Inventory and Appraisal
  • Reject and/or Pay Creditor Claims
  • File Tax Returns
  • Sell Assets, if necessary, with Notice
Phase Three - Distribution, Receipts, Closing

Phase Three

  • Prepare/File Petition for Final Distribution
  • Waivers of Final Account
  • Notice Hearing
  • Check Probate Notes
  • File Supplements
  • Attend Hearing
  • Distribute Assets and Obtain Receipts
  • Record Order of Distribution
  • File Final Discharge