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Introduction to Probate Law in California

The main purpose of probate law in California is to make sure the deceased person’s assets get passed on to the people he or she wants to inherit them. Through [...]

What Does Probate Mean?

Probate is a scary-sounding word, but the probate process is not that scary. You might think that you have to answer all sorts of prying questions and pay for expensive [...]

Probate of a Will or Estate in California

Probate of a will or estate usually takes nine months to a year, unless there is a dispute over the deceased person’s intentions. Fortunately, probate does not have to be [...]

California Probate Proceedings

A People's Choice can help you understand the complexities surrounding California probate proceedings and help you file probate in California without an attorney. You don't need to hire an attorney [...]

Probate Form 13100 Affidavit For Small Estates

Under certain circumstances, personal property may be transferred to the decedent’s successors without a formal probate court process. Under California’s Probate Code Section 13100-13116, the successors in interest may file [...]

The Probate Process in California

The probate process in California starts after someone dies. Depending on the size of the estate, the process of probating an estate can be surprisingly quick and simple to complete. [...]