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Welcome to our online legal blog! This blog and our websites are designed for people who want to save money, are not afraid of the legal system and want to learn how to handle their legal matter without hiring an attorney. Our blogs are an excellent resource for legal information and news covering a wide variety of legal topics, and we post 8-10 new articles each month covering different legal topics of interest. If you want to keep up on various legal issues or expand your legal knowledge and receive notification of new articles, subscribe through our parent site. Excerpts of articles covering estate administration and probate matters can be found on our ProbatebyME.com site with a convenient link to the main article found our APeoplesChoice.com site.

Using a California Small Estate Probate Affidavit

Which California small estate probate affidavit can help you transfer real or personal property to beneficiaries in small estates and avoid probate? A California small estate probate affidavit is a [...]

What is an Administrator of an Estate?

The administrator of an estate is responsible for wrapping up a deceased person’s financial and legal affairs while the estate is in probate. The duties of the executor of a [...]

Attorney Fees for Probate in California

Paying attorney fees in probate can be costly. Fortunately, if probate is required, there are low-cost options other than using an attorney to get through the process. Read on to [...]

Filing a California Heggstad Petition

The filing of a California Heggstad Petition is a court process used to get a court order declaring that property listed on a trust schedule is nevertheless a trust asset, despite the [...]

Should You Use DIY Legal Websites?

What do you do when you need the services of the court, but you know you cannot afford a lawyer? Your first step is probably a Google search about your [...]

What Happens if You Die Without a Will?

Writing a will can be scary because it requires you to think about your own mortality. It can be just as frightening to think about what will happen if you [...]

How Much Does Probate Cost?

Inheriting money from a family member can change your financial situation for the better, but it does not mean an instant payday. The estate must first go through probate, which [...]