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Probate and Family Court in California

Losing a loved one is a sad and difficult time. It doesn’t help that while you’re dealing with your grief, you may also have to deal with the deceased person’s [...]

Probate Form 13100 Affidavit For Small Estates

Under certain circumstances, personal property may be transferred to the decedent’s successors without a formal probate court process. Under California’s Probate Code Section 13100-13116, the successors in interest may file [...]

How Long Does Probate Take in California?

If you know someone who has been through probate in California, you probably noticed it can take a while. But how long does this sometimes complicated process really take? In [...]

How Does California Probate Work?

When you lose a loved one, the inevitable legal matters you have to deal with may seem difficult and confusing. If you are the personal representative, you may be tasked [...]

What is a Probate Referee in California?

If you are settling an estate through the probate process, most likely you will need a probate referee. The role of a probate referee is to appraise property in the [...]