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If you are only interested in articles about estate administration and settling estates including small estate probate, full probate, spousal proceedings and the like, you can find all of our articles on probate and estate administration on both sites. For other types of legal proceedings such as divorce, guardianship, conservatorship, name change, adoption, etc., however, visit our parent website blog using link below.

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Our parent company, A People’s Choice is a California Registered Legal Document Assistant and well-recognized California legal document preparation service. A People’s Choice is not an attorney’s office nor are we affiliated with attorneys, and there are no attorneys on our staff. Our company is dedicated to offering inexpensive, high-quality self-help California legal document preparation services. A People’s Choice is backed by over 40 years of experience and offers personal service through convenient, online interviews.  We are excited to roll out our new website ProbatebyME.com which is exclusively devoted to probate and estate administration and allows people to sign up immediately for these specialty services.

There have been many changes in the legal field over the years. More particularly, technology has opened up many new opportunities for people to have access to low-cost legal help through internet and computer technology. By efficiently utilizing technology to provide our legal document, A People’s Choice can offer competitive, lower fees than many other similar companies. Convenience is paramount, and our clients can provide information to us in many ways – through an interactive, online worksheet, over the phone, and even in person if you are local to our corporate office in Ventura County.

No matter where you live if you have a  California legal matter, we can help! We provide legal document services in all 58 counties in California. In addition, A People’s Choice prepares and files papers with every court in California, from San Diego in the South, all the way up to Humboldt County in the North, and every county in between.

If you need probate assistance, our ProbatebyME.com website will have everything you need. For all other types of legal matters, visit our parent website APeoplesChoice.com.


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